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報名手續 Application Procedures


Step.1  分級測驗 Placement test  點此進行測驗 Click here to take the quiz


            To arrange you a suitable class, you'll have take an online placement test.
            (If you prefer to start as a totally beginner or apply for Section 1 not required)

Step.2  線上報名 Online Application  點此報名課程 Click here to apply for the course   


            Fill in basic personal information, contact information, and Chinese learning status, etc.

           Please refer to the placement test scores for the class you are applying for.

Step.3  繳交文件 Required Documents  點此繳交文件 Click here to submit documents


  1. Photocopy of passport
  2. Financial statement (at least US$2,500)
  3. Proof of Highest Education Degree or above
  4. 2-inch head-shot 
  5. Oversea medical insurance - Related documents.




After the registration deadline, CLC will write an enrolment letter to the Review Committee to review the application documents, the students background, motivation, study plan, etc., after the application documents passed the Review Committee, to whether or not the applicant needs to take placement test (applicants who cannot speak Chinese can attend the test too). After the evaluation, CLC will arrange the classes and issue acceptance letter to those, whose documents passed the Review Committee and the placement test.


※Please complete the above steps before the application deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

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