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2020 River TracingCultural tour

2020 River TracingCultural tour

As part of our Cultural activities, Chinese Language center did hold an activity that matched perfectly with our current season and  the beauty and vast nature in Hualien. Cultural Activity did take place at Feicu gu, Mugua River, on August 6th. 
Students who joined us on this adventure come from different countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Saint Christopher, Saint Vincent, India, Thailand, Honduras, Italy and Japan. 
Students have considered this place as one of the most vibrant, rocky and colorful waterfalls providing a picturesque backdrop, and water which will let you admire the depths of the beauty in Hualien. 
This activity was the second which belongs to our list of Cultural activities for our Summer seasonal Chinese language course. Besides having the chance to get to know Hualien and its surroundings,
gathering together gets our students even closer to each other. Chinese Language Center and its efforts in having the best Cultural activities for our students have been shown in every activity,
every smile and every sharing from our students about their exciting experience learning Chinese and getting to know the local culture at the same time.



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