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Chinese Language Center NDHU 2020 Marine Culture tour

On July 7th - 9th, National Dong Hwa University - Chinese Language Center did hold an unique Cultural activity where foreign students joined us in a trip to Green Island. 

Students from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, United States, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Japan, Italy, Saint Vincent, Honduras, Mongolia, Germany and Guatemala, with a total of 12 different countries, 26 students, formed part of our Marine Culture trip - Green Island. 

Snorkeling, as a part of our main activities in Green island, students were divided into groups with an instructor in charge of guiding and assisting every attendant. Students had the chance to gaze at the vast under sea ecology, as the dense coverage on the microporous coral, spiny cup coral, double coral, star hole coral, diagonal coral and much more incredible views. We must also mention the intertidal zone and its bright eyed damselfish, golden butterfly fish, Silver butterfly fish, Pyracantha between much more species we all had the opportunity to know and even touch during our visit.  


During our stay in Green Island, CLC arranged an activity along with the manager of the homestay hotel we stayed at: Wild sika deer - Night patrol. In the past, between the year 66 and 72 (Republic of China calendar), Green island had a great number of wild sika deer farmed by locals, however afterwards, locals took every deer they were farming back to the forest, letting them grow and enjoy the natural environment they belonged to. After visiting the Oasis Villa (綠洲山莊), an all you can eat BBQ was waiting for us after such tiring schedule during the day. CLC had put attention to every detail in all the arrangements for his activity and by saying that it means having an incredible rest by visiting the famous Asahi Hot-Spring under the beautiful starry sky. 

By the help of SkyView App, We all were able to recognize the summer triangle: Cancer, Sagittarius, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and even other constellations. All our attendants not only loved Green Island but fell even more in love with Taiwan!

Being able to see the sunset from Niutou Mountain  and adventure ourselves into Youzi Lake, took our breath away. The beauty of these to last locations, we are sure will be hard to forget. 

After CLC Harvest Festival of Jimizhan Tribe Activity, Jiale water marine ecology activity and rafting on Xiuguluan River, all our reviews from past activities let us with a great feeling of making our students experience Taiwan at its fullest, however didn’t even imagine that our Green Island Marine culture trip will have such an impact in our students. We hope all the attendants have the same feeling of enjoying Taiwan and its surroundings and awesome nature. 

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