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【華語文中心海洋健行之旅】2020 Marine Cultural tour

* 絕美夕陽、日出、銀河星空
* 海底與魚兒、海龜共游
* 夜訪梅花鹿、潮間帶動物探險
活動時間:2020/7/7(星期二) - 2020/7/9(星期四)
活動費用:每人 2,000元(原活動費約每人8000元)
NDHU - Chinese Language Center will hold a special and unique 
Activity so you will have the opportunity to discover the great expansion and the depths of the earth, marine culture, intertidal zone and beautiful beaches, All included in our Marine trip on July 7th, 2020.
You will experience:
*Breaking waves on our way to Green Island.
*Splendid Sunset, sunrise and the beautiful Milky Way.
*Swimming together with sea turtles and fishes.
*Sika deer night visit.
With also geothermal hot-spring, you will experience our local culture
In a whole new level !
For travelers and lovers of nature as you, how come you will miss 
The opportunity to Live Taiwan together and adventure yourself into
Green Island Marine culture.
Hurry up and sign up for our Green Island - Marine culture Trip.
Date: 2020/7/7 (Tuesday) - 2020/7/9 (Thursday)
Location: Green Island, Taiwan
Gather time and place: 7:40A.M. at Humanities and Social Science Building III - Front door (We will be leaving on time at 8 A.M.)
Attendants: NDHU Foreign students.
Max. Number of attendant: The first 7 students in signing up. 
CLC Website will post the list of all the attendants followed by a notification email. Make sure to make the payment of Green Island Trip within 3 days after receiving our notification email. In case payment is not made within 3 days, CLC will give opportunity to the next student in the waiting list and your participation will be taken as canceled. 
Registration Deadline: June 3rd, 2020. Oline Application: https://forms.gle/ZdeEYhxUkvQvc12e9
Cost: NTD$2,000 per student (Original cost for visitors: NTD$8,000)
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