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National Dong Hwa University - Chinese Language Center, Inauguration of the first thematic garden 「Poetry and Technology」

National Dong Hwa University, Chinese Language Center was honored in inaugurating the first thematic garden 「Poetry and Technology」on March 26th, which owns a perfect classic touch, along with an innovative and creative design. The origins of our thematic Garden goes back to the scholar year 「107」where a completely new course (The Scientific Rhapsody of the “Book of Songs” ) took place in the first semester which covered two different professional fields covering《Ancient Chinese Poetry》and technology. Course’s lessons are given by professor Chia-Wen, Chu from the College of Humanities and Social Science, along with Professor Shiow-yang Wu from the College of Science and Technology. Warmly human with garden scenery poems, also with modern high technology as Big data, AR, VR, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and wide broadband mobile internet combined together. Driving students into the Literature and Science Information fields connection, giving more opportunities to have an education which encourages creative thinking and talented people.

At the same inauguration ceremony, NDHU President, Han-Chieh Chao. enthusiastically promote the creation of equipped spaces which give opportunities to develop creativity and projects on each College in NDHU. The thematic garden is a perfect example of the great influence of spaces which helps professors and students to have a more concrete conception of the fields combined, especially literature, in the course. There are 30 different species of plants planted as peach tree, plum blossom, Althea, reed, Nymphoides, Pine, Cypress and many more different species, arbor and aquatic plants. A shade way through the arbor has been already designed and will be completed in the following weeks along with a winding river,  rockery cave and more wonderful scenery.

The construction of NDHU thematic Garden has received a monetary donation support from the Zhongxing Waving limited company Chairman that includes all the expenses for its maintenance for a duration of 4 seasons along with its operation costs in the future. Student’s performance, Professor’s teaching experience and information related will be digitized so it will be available to the public in general located in the flowers area in between the rockery cave and the flowing woods by the use of QR code. By doing this, NDHU aims to actively promote interdisciplinary programs and projects giving more opportunities to new and unique academic foundations with broad vision.




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