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Great success in rafting trip for Foreign students - Chinese language center, National Dong Hwa University

Great success in rafting trip for Foreign students - Chinese language center, National Dong Hwa University


A 2 days rafting trip was held by NDHU - Chinese language center on October 5th-6th. All the foreign students that participated in this activity expressed their acceptance and satisfaction towards all the arrangements made. Among all the nationalities we had: Italy, Thailand, Japanese, France, Vietnam and Korea. All the participants were excited and looking forward to the trip ahead and at the same time, on the way to the Rafting center in Ruisui, all foreign students were amazed by the outstanding landscape that could be appreciated.


After arriving to rafting center, all the participants were listening carefully to the lifeguards explaining all the safety regulations for the exciting experience ahead. They started by putting on the life jacket and life saving cap. PeiSheng, student from Colombia at the center shared with us that he has joined rafting trips several times back in Colombia, but none of those could be compared to the stunning experience in Taiwan. What made this experience even more extreme, is how extensive the Xiuguluan River is now, compared to a few years ago. Among the participants, our student Dekai from Saint Kitts and Nevis, was known as "International Hero" for saving local tourists of falling into the water so many times during this amazing rafting experience.


The rafting track in Ruisui is 22km long and it has been arranged to have one stop so all the participants can take a rest and also have lunch so we can all be ready for the second and last part. Wan-Tang, a student from Thailand, expressed that the water flow on the second part was clearly more intense, really exciting. Hai-rong, a student from Vietnam, shared with CLC that what impressed him the most was every time rafting boats meet each other, a water battle would take place as soon as they all were close enough.


After the 22km of rafting, in order to take a rest after such extreme activity, all participants headed to hot spring cabins were dinner took place under the beautiful sky full of stars, so restorative. During BBQ, students not only were having a good time enjoying each other's company but also they kept learning many different food ingredients's name in chinese as: Chicken Gizzard(雞胗) , green pepper(青椒), - Corn (玉米), etc. Such an entertaining and educational trip. On the next day we visit Ruisui farm, to appreciate cows in their natural habitat and also the opportunity to enjoy fresh milk Ice cream and panna cotta. All the students immerse themselves in the unique environment that only Hualien can offer.


CLC great itinerary was not over yet. After enjoying enjoying the most famous local noodles in Yuli township, the group of students headed to "Sixty Stone Mountain" and this incredible visit needed students to split into 6 different smaller buses so it would be possible to admire the beautiful landscape from the mountain.


Even though the way to the top was all twists and turns, but this could not stop students from


Take photos of the outstanding environment with the unique Golden needle flower sea with a golden hilltop ready for being captured by every tourist's camera. After getting to the main spot at the top, Ji-Ming, italian student at CLC, was amazed by the view at the "Small Switzerland", also is well known as the best scenery at the peak, which caused him almost forgetting getting on the bus that would take students to the next spot. What impressed the most our students was the fact of using the golden needle flower to cook different meals.


CLC staff expressed the high quality Chinese language courses and in order to offer integral education and let students to completely immerse into the Taiwanese culture, cultural courses are meticulously arranged. By so many activities where the opportunity to interact with each other have been considered and well planned, more and more foreign students are willing to be part of the unique experience at Chinese Language Center in NDHU.


Enthusiasm and vitality have kept continuing to strength through each course and activity planning.




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