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NDHU - 3rd Chinese singing contest for International students

Chinese Language Center - NDHU, held a Chinese singing contest on November 28th. On the day of the competition, contestants from all over the world performed vigorously, and were all singing enthusiastic, and their beautiful voices resound all over the Student Activity Center.

3rd Chinese singing contest was organized into Individual and group category. For the second one, it was formed by 11 bands/groups and 14 contestants for the individual competition. The 25 stars did perform for a total of three-hour starting at 18:00. The Chinese Language Center encouraged foreign students to use Chinese, increase self-confidence when using Chinese through being part of Singing competition, and that is why CLC promoted and made a public invitation to NDHU international students on social media for several months and also did encourage by setting big prizes for the winners. The first place of the individual and group competitions, won a prize of NTD$ 8,000, the second place NTD$ 5,000, third place with NTD$ 3,000, and fourth place NTD$10,000. In this occasion, CLC also had special awards as the Best Pronunciation Award, the Best Costume Award, and the Internet Popularity Award. The prizes were NTD$ 1,000 each, and the total awards did sum up to NTD$ 36,000. In order to liven up the atmosphere, 3 lotteries took place between the performances by giving away smart bracelets. The organizer stated that the prizes awarded in this 3rd contest were the highest that have been awarded, most strict specifications, and the number of participants and participants also reached a record with the largest number.

Among the contestants awarded by the judges, Andres from Guatemala won the first place in the individual category.  He performed the song titled “Love like Tide”. The audience was touched by his voice and the sound of his violin during his performance. Andres expressed that the song was dedicated to his girlfriend who currently is studying abroad and at the same time he hopes she can feel his love and how much he misses her through the sound of his voice on his performance. For the group category, the first place went to the Vietnamese Duo. By dressing a traditional Vietnamese custom, the duo performed the song “Big Fish”.  Their outstanding performance by a gentle and soft voice along with the graceful dance that accompanied it, the first place was a well deserved award for the duo.

The following contestants were awarded with the 2nd to 4th place in the individual category: from the Solomon archipelago, Margarita who was awarded with the second place and  Anudari Ganchimeng from Mongolia, awarded with the third place by performing the song “In my voice”; the fourth place went to the Vietnamese contestant Le Thu Thai by singing “daughter love”. Lalilo from Indonesia won the second place in the group category with the classic song named "Fairy Tale", while The Malaysia's team “encountered by fate”  won the third place in the group category with the hit "Little Lucky". Among the special awards’ winners, we have a Hao-Yí Mu, who arrived to Taiwan one week before enrolling CLC Chinese course and performing “The moon represents my heart”, awarded with the best pronunciation. The award “The best costume” went to the “Cat duo” with members from Vietnam and Japan and performing “How much I like you”. Last but not least, the award “Internet celebrity” went for the group with the largest number of nationalities in the group as: India, Japan, Tuvalu and more. They performed the song Amazing grace. Must mention that they got more than  800 likes on Facebook in only three days!! 

In order to encourage foreign students to participate in various activities organized by the Chinese Language Center to improve their Chinese language ability, President Zhao Hanyu also came to the venue to give a speech and sang "Sounds of Snow Falling", winning rave cheers. Chancellor Chen Weiming also sang "Heart for Heartlessness" with superb Taiwanese singing voice. In order to stir up the atmosphere of the scene, President Zhao also led the judging team to sing the KTV hot spot golden song "Little Apple" on the stage, and fry HIGH to the highest point.

The center team stated that the Chinese Language Center has always been concerned about the Chinese language ability of foreign students and the quality of life in Taiwan. This singing competition can be so grand, showing that foreign students are willing to learn Chinese and enjoy life in Donghua. The Chinese Language Center will continue to hold activities related to Chinese language in the future, and look forward to more foreign students to join in. Event information will be announced from time to time on the Chinese Language Center Facebook Fan Page.



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