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The commencement ceremony for the 2019 Seasonal course


   The commencement ceremony for the 2019 Seasonal course took place at Chinese Language Center on November 22nd where 19 international students from 10 different countries (Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Italy, United States, Saint Vincent, Saint Christopher and Nevis and Colombia) successfully ended their first fall Chinese course. All the students who started the fall chinese course will continue during the Winter Chinese course except for 2 students who due to personal future plans will not continue on this Chinese learning journey temporarily. 

    As part of the activities due to the commencement ceremony, meeting the president of NDHU, Birthday celebration and dining together were part of the program. While meeting NDHU president Han-Chie Chao, students were not only able to introduce themselves in Chinese but also to have an enjoyable conversation with even jokes in between; having a high approval from president Chao. NDHU president also encouraged CLC students to continue their studies on their fields, especially if any had any interest in studying in NDHU, where will definitely be a great stage to develop and learn new skills.

One thing that surprised and made NDHU president feel touching of, is meeting Ji-Ming Yin, a Taiwanese-Ialian student at CLC whose father is Italian and mother Taiwanese, and that came back to NDHU after 22 years. Ji-Ming Yin belongs to the 2nd class at NDHU - Kindergarten. Ji-Ming said, after taking a look at his graduation photo (22 years ago), He felt like going back to his childhood, and it feels great to come back to his school to learn chinese; Chinese language center staff and classmates has been very nice to him and through the activities held, his Chinese language skills has improved a lot. 

Yuan-Lu Zhong, a Japanese student at CLC, after 3 months of studying Chinese Language, even though feeling cannot bear to leave, will continue developing her professional career in another country.   She has expressed: “I have a good relationship with everyone in the center, and my Chinese ability has improved. Although I want to continue to register for the next season, I need to leave due to career planning. The blessings of having such a great teacher and awesome classmates made her feel extremely moved and encouraged me  for the future endeavours”.

De-kai Zhang, a student from St. Christopher,  expressed that he used to find Chinese quite difficult, now, he likes very much learning Chinese but he especially likes and enjoys being at the CLC and feeling like “Home”. An-Tong Kang, a student from St. Vincent,  believes that the CLC team has been a great help to her not only in her life but in schoolwork difficulties as well. She has gone from nervousness at the beginning to calmly and with ease learning , the joy of learning chinese language has been more evident on her daily smile.

The seasonal courses from Chinese Language Center - NDHU are abundant and lively, attracting many foreign students to join us at CLC. All courses at CLC solidly trains students' listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese language skills, so that students can use Chinese language to have daily conversations, and also able to discuss various topics with classmates in Chinese. They can also make oral presentations, introducing their country's food, tourist attractions and geographical environment, life in Taiwan, all by using Chinese language.

Through Culture trips, experiencing festivals and holidays, gathering to celebrate birthdays, joining Canoeing activities at NDHU, Chinese calligraphy and Indigenous dance class, all these activities held by CLC and also along with NDHU, let students at CLC understand Taiwan and also immerse themselves into our unique culture.  Many students use their spare time to chat, review, and improve their Chinese language skills at CLC, but more importantly, last but not least, what all our students have in common is feeling CLC like “Home”.





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