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2019 Vietnam - Summer Camp, CLC high quality reputation courses continue crossing borders overseas

2019 Vietnam - Summer Camp, CLC high quality reputation courses continue crossing borders overseas


     The Chinese Language Center at National Dong Hwa University held a two-month Chinese Language Summer Camp from July 3 to August 25, where 22 college students from Central and Northern Vietnam joined us for a duration of almost 2 months. The two summer camps were held this past summer, the Thai - Summer camp with students from the prestigious Thammasat Secondary School with a closing ceremony on July 12th and the Vietnam - Summer camp with students from the central and northern Vietnam. They brought joy and also motivated CLC to continue offering the best education and experience in Chinese Language Learning. Jia-wen Zhu, Director of the Chinese Language Center, expressed that on every term by saying that CLC has more and more students that are willing to experience and learn the beauty of our Language. During the summer, besides the two Summer camps that took place during July and August, CLC also had four different seasonal courses. The success obtained from the two summer camps and seasonal courses demonstrated that CLC is continuously positioning itself as the best Center for Chinese language learners. 


       The CLC staff indicated that the Chinese Language Center has always stood by having a spirit of service and a heart willing to help. In order to alleviate the pressure caused by arriving to a new country for the first time and also to let our new students feel at home since their arrival to Taiwan, CLC arranged the pick-up at the airport by delegating such important mission to two Vietnamese students in NDHU. Since the campus is vast, CLC along with the General Affairs Office and the Academic Affairs Office made all the arrangements necessary to provide free bicycles to facilitate dining and shopping around the school. Yan Shiling, Vietnamese student, expressed that providing bicycles is not only convenient when going to class, but also for taking pictures at tourist attractions, sightseeing spots, or even at the container coffee shop at New Paradiso Mall during the holidays to add fun to life.


      In order to provide resources so that students can have access to educational material not only when in class but also outside of class, Chinese Language Center works along with NDHU Library to enable students to make use of it as a regular NDHU student. Vietnam - Summer camp team also had the opportunity to join different activities held by the NDHU Sports center such as canoeing and orienteering. CLC also arranged Off-campus educational activities such as going to the White Trail in Taroko National Park to explore and admire the breathtaking canyon view and Qixingtan to enjoy the blue scenery of the Pacific Ocean. In order to reflect the beauty of eastern Hualien, CLC worked together with College of Indigenous Studies to create a unique opportunity to let our students experience our Indigenous culture by singing and dancing Indigenous songs and also learn more about traditional musical instruments, and provide a variety of courses such as "Knowing Taiwan", "Chinese calligraphy" and "Chinese culture classic guide".


      The Vietnam - Summer Chinese Language Learning Camp was arranged into two different levels, intermediate and advanced. In order to enhance their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and to stimulate the interaction among students, teachers arrange report presentation in groups, role-playing activities, and debates. Jade Red, Vietnamese student, shared with us that Medicine is her study field in Vietnam and what motivated her to join Vietnam - Summer camp is her deep interest in Chinese Language. Our teacher guided her to introduce Vietnamese fertility policy in Chinese and also use the Chinese language to publish professional knowledge about her field of study.


      On August 23, president of National Dong Hua University, Han-Chie Zhao, along with Wei-Ming Chen, Academic Affairs Office Director, and Yuan-Rong Ma, International Affairs Office Director, attended the graduation ceremony and students were issued with a certificate of completion. President Zhao encouraged students to continue their studies and pointed out that the number of foreign students in Dong Hua is increasing year by year, and NDHU is rising in its position in the ranking of national universities. Finally, he expressed “I believe that Dong Hua is the best choice for foreign students, whether you are studying for a Diploma or studying Chinese Language”.


      After the ceremony, in order to stimulate team spirit and expressiveness, all the students used the Chinese language to perform a play, sing and dance, Our main focus during Vietnam - Summer camp besides learning was also concentrating on the students' coherence. All spectators laughed heartily during the performance of The "Vietnamese Cinderella" drama performed by our students. The president Zhao also encouraged Vietnamese students to sing Jay Chou’s song called "Tao Xiang" perking up the whole environment to a new level. Students attending the camp said that Dong Hua University is not only elegant and comfortable, but also provides high quality Chinese language courses and arranged activities that are very impressive. At last, if there is any opportunity in the future to come and continue their learning journey, they would not hesitate to choose Dong Hwa.





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