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Summer Camp held by Chinese Language Center at National Dong Hua University won a great reputation with various of classes

Summer Camp held by Chinese Language Center at National Dong Hua University won a great reputation with various of classes.

About 30 students and instructors from Thammasat Secondary School joined the “2019 Chinese Culture Summer Camp for Thai” held by Chinese Language Center at Dong Hua University from July 1st to July 12nd. Appreciation is all they have after the camp has ended, and they even consider the long-term cooperative relations.

For the purpose of showing the respect to the study tour, the center especially set up to have the international student from Thailand studying at Dong Hua to welcome them at Taoyuan airport. In addition, the director, Chia-Wen Chu, indicates that in order to enriching the interesting Chinese classes, the center even arrange the professional instructors to deliver the knowledges to the students. For instance, the calligraphy class with professor Shew-Hua Lee, and the outdoor activities with instructor Xiao-Fu Chen for experiencing orienting and canoeing. Also, the student went to Hualien Smart Education Center to be acquainted with the technology here in Taiwan, and to take care of both modern and traditional issues. Plus, visiting Qixingtan Beach and Taroko National Park, the Thai student got to observe the nature’s ingenuity. Last, they went to A-Zone, Dongdamen night market and Tung-Lan Elementary School to see the local folk sentiment.

The President of National Dong Hua University, Han-Chieh Chao, express that by transacting the camp, we will be able to promote the visibility of Dong Hua, and exhibit the distinctive course of school’s. Through the participation of international students, we can turn the campus into a international village. To show the value to these students, President Chao went to Dong Hua House to welcome them. On July 4th, President Chao led the vice presiden,t Shin-Feng Lin, and Dean of international Affairs, Yuan-Ron Ma, to visit the library tower and enjoy the beauty of Dong Hua. Meanwhile, people with multilingual are set to introduced the characteristics and achievements to let the students know more about the excellent academic environment of Dong Hua University.

At the commencement, apart from giving transcripts and the achievement display, the students even prepared a surprise for the Chinese Language Center unexpectedly, including the traditional Thai XXX and the performance of Chinese Due and make the ceremony lively. One of the student, Ru-Wei, introduce his dorm in Chinese via filming it, and said that he really enjoy learning Chinese and so he gave a portrait to one of the teachers to show his appreciation. Moreover, Na-Da states that the Center not only provides the various classes for them, they even provide laundry service and late-night supper. The meticulous care was deeply touched and the various Taiwanese local foods which are tasty are unforgettable.

One of the instructors from Thammasat University, Chayart Kasatepibal, express that within the days at Dong Hua, they could fully feel the diligence from the Center. The courses are not only taught in accordance with the aptitude of students, but also increase the level gradually, therefore, it makes both students and instructors follow the lead to learn Chinese with ease.

According to the Chinese Language Center, this is the very first time ever welcomed students from Thailand. Plus, adults are the main target in the past for the Chinese Language Center, consequently, when confronting the high school students who are around fifteen and sixteen, carefully arranging and planning are the most important of all. Overall, the various interesting classes hold by the Chinese Language Center can absolutely attract the international student to study Chinese at Dong Hua Chinese Language Center. 


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