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Cultural course

文化課程 Cultural course



課程簡介Class Introduction


  • 文化才藝
  • 在地交流
Enhance Mandarin Language Proficiency and Increase Knowledge of Chinese Culture.
Course contents involve common topics in life and it is hoped that students can make practical use of what they learn in class. Besides, activities or reports are implemented to train students’ listening, reading and speaking skills.
All courses are designed to help students get to know the local culture better.
  • Culture Courses
    Chinese yoyo, Taiwanese aborigine culture, Chinese Calligraphy etc.
  • Leaning with Local Students
    We will arrange a "Taiwan Buddy" to be the language partner and study-tour guide for each student. Program students will interact with NTNU students, meet new friends and be immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment.

報名資格Admission Conditions

Foreign students at NDHU who are interested in learning Chinese.

課程時間 Class Time

The class schedules are more flexible and can be customized for students.

開課人數 Member of Each Class

5 students minimum a class.

費用 Tuition

  • 一堂課費用為NTD$ 500元 /人


  • NT$550 for one person / 3 hours

(Textbook and materials are not included)

報名手續 Application Procedures

  • 線上報名
  • Online Application
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