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Individual course

個人班 Individual course

課程簡介 Class Introduction

  • 發音練習、日常會話、商業會話、中華文化、TOCFL華語文能力測驗等等,依照學生需求量身訂製課程內容
  • 上課時間依個人需求量身訂製。(一期至少上課24小時)
  • 依教育部規定,持研習中文簽證者,每週一至週五都要上課,至少每週上課15小時華語。
  • We offer Individual class to meet student’s level, preferred time and other requirement, e.g., TOCFL Exam, dialogue training, business Chinese, etc.
  • The Individual Class will according your chinese level to teach. (24 hours minimum per class)
  • According to the Ministry of Education, every student with visa for studying Mandarin Chinese must attend class every Monday to Friday, and take at least 15 hours of Chinese class a week.

報名資格 Admission Conditions


Once we find a teacher for you based on your preference time, you may discuss with the teacher what you want to focus.
Please contact us through email to let us know your requirements if you are interested in our one-on-one tutorial.

住宿 Accommodation


*We guarantee to provide dormitory.Dormitory

費用 Tuition

  • 一對一:1小時NTD$ 550元
  • 一對二:1小時NTD$ 350元/1人
  • (不包含教材費)
  • NT$550 for one person/ per hour
  • NT$350 for 2 people/ per hour
  • (Textbook and materials are not included)

報名手續 Application Procedures

  • 線上報名
  • 繳交文件:護照影本、財力證明(至少2500美元)、最高學歷影本、2吋照片2張 。
  • 分級測驗:以電子郵件通知分級測驗。


  • Online Application
  • Required Documents: Photocopy of passport, financial statement (at least US$2,500),  Proof of Highest Education Degree,  Two 2-inch passport photos
  • Online Oral Test or Written Examination

After the registration deadline, CLC will write an enrolment letter to the Review Committee to review the application documents, the students background, motivation, study plan, etc., after the application documents passed the Review Committee, to whether or not the applicant needs to take placement test(applicants who cannot speak Chinese can attend the test too).After the evaluation, CLC will arrange the classes and issue acceptance letter to those, whose documents passed the Review Committee and the placement test.

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