The Chinese Language Center of Dong Hwa University conducted a splendid ending for its Chinese Summer Camp

The Chinese Language center of National Dong Hwa University has committed to promote Chinese teaching, generating multiple Chinese courses. Besides starting a regular seasonal Chinese course, two Chinese camps were held on the last summer vacation 2018. On July 24th , the Chinese language center held the Chinese culture summer camp. After starting the camp, on July 3rd one more summer camp had been holding with an splendid ending on August 25th. On August 24than fending ceremony was taking place where a mixed of feelings were among the participants, the sorrow of leaving, the excitement of finishing one more learning process and also not wanted to leave Taiwan just to mention a couple of them. The sound of their voices signing and with tears in their eyes, it could let anyone see the deep memories they will have forever.

Students Qiu He, Yu He, expressed that Dong Hwa University makes every foreigner student that comes to Taiwan to feel warm treat and also feel the local people always willing to help them out. For the summer camps that took place this summer vacation, groups assistants and people in charge were arranged specifically for guidance, diet and living accommodation. Teachers and members from the staff introduced the transportation and all the information related to it, also in case of emergency as Typhoon, earthquake or any natural disaster and what to do in each case. Instructions and guidance were provided without exception, showing the meticulous and carefully plan arranged specially for this camp.

Teacher Feng-du shi, from the Thai Nguyen University who attended the camp this summer vacation, shared with us that in these short period of time (two months), it was possible for him to understand the advantage of coming to Taiwan and getting into the amazing culture, because a few decades ago in Vietnam there was really difficult issue that was not easy to discuss about and along with it Chinese teaching skills. Regarding the Issue, In Taiwan the range of topics that can be discussed is quite wide compared to Vietnam and some examples are, the Taiwanese local conditions and customs, Aboriginal Culture, Sky lanterns, night market and the Ghost month , etc. But it gets wide and freely to discuss as plastic surgery, Genetically 'engineered' food, surrogate motherhood and death penalty, and more controversial topics, stimulating the thinking skill on the students. Regarding teaching, Chinese teachers in Taiwan use so many different ways to guide students to express themselves not matter the topic, as when is needed to work in groups for discussion, designing the menu, or even a travel plan and news discussion, etc, through this way of teaching the students are trained to be prepared to be in different context using the Chinese skill acquired.

All the students coincide that cultural and Outdoor classes of the Camp made them understand the long and rich history of Taiwan, they also met the aboriginal diverse cultures, experienced how to use the Chinese brush and the beauty and elegance of the Chinese characters, learning one of the many different aboriginal dances and also making their own aboriginal floral hoop. Under the beautiful and blue sky, a kayaking activity took place at the east lake of our campus, letting all the participants enjoy the reflection of the sunlight and the clear and crystalline water and at the same time, experienced the fun of kayaking. By personally wrap dumplings, our students could tasted the uniqueness of Taiwan food, all the students were able to visit the beauty of our National Taroko Park and QixingTan Beach and also experienced the tremendous beauty from our mountains and rivers by ending with visiting the Dong da Men night market where they had the chance to try the beauty of the cuisine from the south of Taiwan.

The Chairman of the Chinese language center, Jia Wen Zhu expressed that the Ministry of Education, in the scholar year 107, the recipients of scholarships comes from different cities in Vietnam as in Hue and also with students coming from the north as in Laos, and this time Dong Hwa admitted 24 students, even more than the students admitted in: Shi-da University in Taipei, Taiwan University, Cheng-gong University, and also at well-recognized Chinese centers, showing the extraordinary success of the Chinese Language center at Dong Hwa University. This summer camp not only left us with a good impression of the good work that can be done as a group but it also gives even a better impression to all the people out there, establishing and rising the good reputation of the center, even thou Taiwan is a small country, it is an international bridge among so many different cultures; and with Dong Hwa University located in the eastern of the Island, makes it perfect to be the center of such amazing Chinese language courses so any student can merged himself in our diverse culture an also our perfect environment with incredible views bring more and more international students each year making the family of our center increase constantly.


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